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What scope does Arts have?

Arts stream involves learning about Social, Economical and Political Systems in our society. The scope of Arts is immense, and the career possibilities are multitudinous. Students can choose a specific subject of their interest right from PU/ Class XII level and build a bright career for themselves.

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Arts as a career

What career can I choose if I study Arts? How will Arts help my career? What jobs can I find if I take up Arts?

Students who take up Arts have a surplus of career opportunities such as  Law, Fashion Communication, Management Roles, Apparel Design and Merchandising, Civil Services, Journalism, Tourism and  Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, Media( both Print and Visual Media), Theatre, Architecture, Conceptual Arts, Photography as so on.

General Questions

History Economics Psychology Sociology (HEPyS)

History Economics Political Science Sociology (HEPol.Sc S)

History Economics Logic Political Science

History Sociology Education Political Science

  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History


Every subject in Art Stream is unique in itself. Based on the area of interest, a Student has wide option to choose from. A combination of interest, strength and weakness will make the best combination chosen for a Student in this stream.

History, Economics, Psychology, Sociology.

History / Economics are the compulsary and mandatory subjects.

No, changing from Arts to Science is not possible.

How do i enroll?

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