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United Composite PU College’s Eco Club Cleaning Drive

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Creating Environmental Awareness

The United Composite PU College’s Eco Club organized a successful cleaning drive on a windy day with warm sunlight. The event aimed to promote environmental consciousness among the college community and contribute to a cleaner and healthier campus. 

The drive witnessed enthusiastic participation from 23 volunteers who, under the supervision of three dedicated teachers, Mary Ma’am, Prabhala Ma’am and Sneha Ma’am, relentlessly worked to pick up trash throughout the premises. All 23 volunteers were equipped with masks and gloves to ensure their safety and hygiene during the cleaning drive.

The provision of protective gear emphasized the importance of maintaining personal well-being while actively participating in environmental activities. This precautionary measure ensured that the volunteers could work comfortably and efficiently. The volunteers displayed immense dedication and perseverance throughout the cleaning drive. 

Divided into three groups, they meticulously picked up several types of trash. Five volunteers were assigned to clean the canteen area. Niveda, Vedashree, Sherlyn, Nandana, Santosh and Noorein diligently worked together to collect and dispose of litter.

Creating Environmental Awareness

Additionally, they took the initiative to plow the canteen’s mini garden, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Another six volunteers focused on cleaning the premises in front of the college building. Mritun Joy, James, Nirmala, Sherin, Eric, and Arjun actively participated in removing trash from the surroundings.

 Their collective efforts resulted in a cleaner and more welcoming entrance to the college. A team of eleven volunteers undertook the task of cleaning the outdoor sports ground. Muskan, Lavanya, Anushka, Sanuthi, Fatima, Shruthi, Chaitra, Ashwini, Merlin, Shalini, and Joshua worked tirelessly to pick up litter, ensuring that the area was free from any waste materials. Their dedication contributed to a cleaner and safer environment for future outdoor activities.

The types of trash picked up during the cleaning drive included plastic items, cardboard, wrappers, and covers. By removing these non-biodegradable materials, the volunteers significantly reduced the environmental impact on the campus and its surroundings. Principal Shinu Ma’am, known for her dedication to environmental causes, personally attended the event. 

Her presence and active involvement served as a tremendous source of motivation for the volunteers. Her encouragement and support uplifted the spirits of the participants, inspiring them to work with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. The United Composite PU College Eco Club’s cleaning drive was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of 23 volunteers. The event demonstrated the power of collective effort in creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

By picking up trash diligently and with perseverance, the volunteers showcased their commitment to environmental conservation. Additionally, to revive the energy lost, at the end of the cleaning drive, the volunteers were provided with glucose-concentrated drinks and biscuits, ensuring their well-being and as a token of appreciation. The support of Principal Shinu Ma’am further reinforced the importance of such initiatives within the college community. Her presence and active involvement served as a tremendous source of motivation for the volunteers. The cleaning drive not only improved the overall aesthetics of the campus but also fostered a sense of environmental responsibility among the participants and the wider college community. The combined efforts of the volunteers, along with the supervision of Mary Ma’am and Sneha Ma’am, contributed to the remarkable success of the event.

Author – Jaden R. Paul

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