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Orientation Program I PUC-Batch 2023

orientation program for the I PUC students in Batch 2023

United Composite PU College recently held an orientation program for the I PUC students in Batch 2023, 24 on 27th May 2023. The program aimed to help students get settled into college life and understand the expectations and opportunities available to them.

The program started with an opening address by Mrs.Debashree Roy, Lecturer in Commerce, welcoming the new students and introducing the faculty and staff. Senior Faculty, Ms.Mary Chacko formally welcomed the Dignitaries.

The Principal talked about the college’s mission, vision, and values and emphasized the importance of hard work and discipline for the student’s success.

The orientation program included various sessions, including academic advising, a campus tour, and interactive activities. The academic advising session introduced students to the college’s academic policies, programs, and requirements. The session included valuable information on various courses offered at the college, academic regulations, and examination patterns.

Apart from the formal sessions, the program also included fun activities like Semi- classical dance by Anuska of II CEBA, renditions by the College Choir and College Band, and ice-breaking sessions. These events allowed students to relax and enjoy the college’s vibrant culture and spirit.

The highlight of the program was the felicitation of II PUC Board Examination toppers by conferring them Founder’s and Co-Founder’s awards.

Mr. J P Kirubagaran, Chairman, distributed the Founder’s Awards whereas Co-Founder Mrs.Joycelynn Peter distributed the Co-Founder’s awards.

Mrs. Joycelynn Peter encouraged the students to maintain their determination towards achieving their objectives and remain concentrated on their pursuits.

Overall, the orientation program proved to be a valuable experience for the new students, as it helped them navigate the college environment and equipped them with important information and skills needed for success. Ms.Prabala Prabhu proposed a vote of thanks.

We wish all the new students good luck on their academic journey at United Composite PU College!


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