United Composite PU College

Virtual Talents Fest 2021-2022

“Every creative act, however small, enriches our species and the world around us. To find and nurture talent is to be truly wealthy”

Stewart Stafford

That quote essentially sums up why our college hosts a ‘ talent fest’ for us every year. To have an opportunity to display and discover our talent is truly a blessing and to further nurture it to become an undying passion is, without doubt, the greatest of it all.

ViBRANCE 2021-22 was one to be remembered, not only for the enjoyment brought along with it but also for the journey taken to make its smooth carrying through possible. The talent fest took place on the 4th and 5th of February. However, its planning began months in advance. After much planning and organizing, it was decided to conduct the fest in December, but, the pandemic didn’t seem to agree, and it was postponed to January. Again, due to the risks of the pandemic, our talent fest could not be conducted at the time and the date was soon moved to and finalized for the month of February. As the famous saying goes, ‘better late than never,” and I completely agree.

The inauguration of the virtual talents fest began with a welcome address by our host for the day, Ms.Sunitha Joyce (sports secretary). After a warm welcome, the program was carried forward by Ms. Praisy Alexander (cultural secretary), who narrated for us an inspiring Scripture verse, after which Ms. Keerthana A.K. (president) led us in prayer. Music is undoubtedly embedded in the very soul of our college, to grace us with a song, our UCPUC choir melodiously sang “We are the World” to further encourage us and to enhance the excitement of all the attendees. It didn’t stop there, following the choir performance, was a performance by our very own UCPUC student union, in which they displayed a joyous and skillful dance performance. Next up was the UCPUC Alumni. We think the world of and cherish our seniors as much as we do our present classmates, and we were more than happy to welcome two of our seniors.

First, Mr. Godwin G (sports secretary 2020) sang a meaningful yet melodious song, following which Ms. Aishwarya Roy (president 2020) spoke of her past experiences with our college, explaining how it has always stimulated us to do our best. She also mentioned how our college never stepped back from giving us the best despite the restrictions of the pandemic, and consequently, no stone was left unturned, following which she wished all the participants the very best for the competitions that were going to be conducted later. Following that, we were addressed by our respected vice principal, Mrs. Shinu. S.Devan explained how the journey to the event began in September and how we finally landed up conducting it successfully in January.

Our vice principal then took us through all the events that were to be conducted as well as the judges for each event, after which she wished all the participants the very best and explained how the talent fest is conducted to help us.
As individuals, we develop ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. It was then time for the much-awaited “curtain-raiser” ‘ for VIBRANCE 2021-22, for which a video was compiled specially by our vice president Mr.Ryan Eldo. The video contained all the events that were to take place, displayed in a rather original yet imaginative manner. After which our respected principal Miss Bethesa Jacob, spoke to us a few yet stimulating words and proceeded to inaugurate the talent fest following which Ms.Divyashree MPK led us to the end with a warm and expressive vote of thanks.

It was finally time to set in motion the much-awaited events. The events for the talent fest were set apart to take place between two days. Following are the day 1 and day 2 events as well as the judges allotted for each event.

Day 1

 Instrumental :
Judge – Mr.Abhishek John

Raise Your Mic [ Solo Singing] :
Judges – Mr.Syd Joshua Brass

Boogie Down [ Dance]:
Revathi Damodaran

Day 2

Best out of waste :
Judge- Mrs. Triveni

Calligraphy :
Judge- Ms. Sharon Isabella Jacob

Science Quiz, Debate:
Judges – Room 1:- Mr.Godfrey Fernandez
Room 2:- Mrs.Suchitra Jude

Essay Writing :
English – Judge: Mrs.Susmitha Voola
Kannada – Judge: Mr. Surya Narayana Bhat
Hindi- Judge: Mrs.Kiran Bisht

“ Winning is not everything… but making the effort to win is “ 

Vince Lombardi

On behalf of our college, I take immense delight in congratulating the winners of VIBRANCE 2021-22. After much discerning, the winners were felicitously chosen and the awarding ceremony took place on the 16th of February. Following are the winners standing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively in every event.

Solo singing:

Solo Dance:


Essay Writing:


Science Quiz:


Best Out of Waste:


Once again I wish hearty congratulations to the winners as well as all the other participants because having the courage to put yourself out there and stand with confidence to discover yourself is a matter of winning in itself. We may not have been able to have this year’s talent fest in person and one may think that we missed out on a few things, but as a fellow attendee, I would disagree. It was an opportunity given to us to shine our light and those who took it, lit up a path for themselves. Nevertheless, I believe the fact that it was “Virtual” is something quite indelible in itself. Don’t you agree?

Reported By:
Sharon Lennet Samuel – II CEBA
(Sectional Editor – Magazine Committee)