United Composite PU College

UCPUC Parents Orientation Collage

I PU Orientation - World Environment Day

United Composite PU College hosted the I PUC Orientation Program on June 5th, 2024, welcoming students from both the science and commerce streams. The session commenced with an invocation of Almighty’s blessings, followed by a captivating performance from the student choir, who mesmerized the audience with their rendition of the song ‘Our God.’

The Principal emphasized the importance of inclusivity, respect, and seizing opportunities, highlighting that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. The Heads of Department and Academic Coordinators provided detailed insights into the syllabus, class timings, and various committees.

In observance of World Environment Day, the program’s standout moment was the gifting of a plant to each student, accompanied by a heartfelt urge to nurture it as a gesture of solidarity towards Mother Earth.